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  • Find Refuge from an Overwhelming World November 10, 2019
    Many practitioners believe that the sense of stillness they feel from their ... to make ourselves different is at the heart of human suffering. I am not suggesting we just lie on the couch all day ...

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Quieting the Heart is the foundation state. It enriches all other moves.

Move # 1 — Quieting the Heart

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Quieting the Heart is the foundation state. It enriches all other moves. When the Heart becomes quiet, our Mind also settles down. There is a substantial literature suggesting that when the Mind and Body are in a relaxed state, the parasympathetic nervous system rebalances, cortisol and other stress hormones are reduced, and the body’s healing capacity is engaged. There are a great number of popular meditative techniques like mindfulness, and other modalities such as biofeedback, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology that cite their benefits in rebalancing the autonomic nervous system. The practice of Quieting the Heart can be viewed as a welcoming gate for all of them. The unique premise is the claim advanced in the Shen Zheng practice of qigong that the Heart is the “governor” of the Mind, specifically in its “strategic” role as a step-down transformer and receiver of the subtle energy of qi and love. There are no studies based on the standards of evidence-based medicine to confirm or dispute this proposition. It is a fertile area for more rigorous scientific assessment.


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  1. A Chance Encounter–Epiphanies

    After our first class an elderly lady approached me and we walked together for a while.
    “I loved the Resilience Reflex Ball”. I had such a ball in my childhood,” she observed. “The neighbor had a wall; I would hit the ball against the wall, and it would come back to me. I did not know exactly where or when or how it would play. I loved that sense of having no expectations. I was simply in the moment.”

    And then three thoughts came to me, seriatim as they usually do.
    • “No expectations” is one of the ‘royal’ moves of artful negotiators. It is also one of the keys to unlocking the mysteries of integral resilience. No Expectations, No Assumptions.
    • Memory. How interesting that even the image of the Resilience Reflex Ball carried her back to her childhood. Is it possible that movement along with music are powerful ambassadors to early memory?
    • Original Innocence. Angela tells me that when she practices she feels “ageless.” Suddenly I recalled the meeting of St. Francis with Pope Innocence III (played by Alec Guinness) in the great old movie by Franco Zeffirelli, Brother Son, Sister Moon on the life of St. Francis. St. Francis is in rags and has come to petition the Pope to aid his humble rural church. The festooned Pope is deeply moved and looking kindly down on St. Francis observes, “In our preoccupation with original sin, you remind us of something even more important– our original innocence.” We have the flavor of it when we play with the Reflex Resilience Ball.

  2. Socrates’ Prayer:

    Beloved Pan, and all ye other gods who haunt this place,
    Grant me the beauty of the inward spirit
    And may the outer and inner man be as one.
    5th century BC
    (translated by Gisela Kahn Gresser)

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