Welcome to the Integral Resilience Network

What is your Navigation System?

Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative

  • Halt the assault by 80,000+ 5G/6G+ Satellites
  • Establish a collaborative transnational legal regime

Empowering Resilient Communities

  • Avoiding foreseeable harms of 5G+ wireless networks
  • Fostering safe, secure, energy efficient solutions
  • Multiplying adaptive vitality and resilience

5G International Legal Action Network

  • Stop the unbridled pollution of 5G networks
  • Engage international legal advocacy to effect beneficial change

Your Most Urgent Challenges?

  • Decipher the source code of character
  • Build sustainable trust in collaborative relationships
  • Measure navigational advantage
  • Manage adversity with grace

The Rosetta Stone of Human Behavior

Explore a rapidly evolving Codex already over 100 applications

Products and Services

  • The Resilient Negotiator Pro Course
  • 5 Minutes to Resilience
  • My Personal Resilience Journey

The Resilient Negotiator Course

  • Practical negotiation system for any application
  • Unmask diverse cultural negotiating codes
  • Turn adversity to advantage
  • Achieve super-optimal gains

Personal Resilience Course

  • Integral Resilience Quotient (IRQ) assessment
  • Resilience roadmap
  • Training materials and audio modules
  • IRQ analytics, field notes, proficiency testing

Collaborative Innovation Networks

  • Support collaborative research
  • Identify and assess alliance partners
  • Team collaboration support
  • Accelerate discovery, invention and innovation
  • Network training and coaching
  • Private platform integration

Why are the 10 Essential Moves Unique?

  • Balances mindfulness with big heartedness in action
  • Offers a novel way to measure Integral Resilience
  • A 21st century paradigm of “winning”
  • Holistic integration of scientific and humanistic traditions

Experiencing Resilience:

  • Quieting the Heart
  • Finding Your Power
  • Discovering Beauty
  • Connecting to Nature

Exploring Resilience

  • Harvesting Creative Genius in Music
  • Enhancing Cognitive Resilience by Connecting to Everything
  • Building Immunity through Love

Applying Resilience

  • Paying Forward
  • Creating Your Own Luck
  • Celebrating Laughing Heart Advantage


  • Courses
  • Membership
  • Training
  • Platform integration