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  • Refining the present program
  • Building, testing, and marketing a special “App to Fill the Gap”
  • Developing other special educational programs in this Behavioral Health Series.
  • Making these programs freely available to economically disadvantaged, minority, and vulnerable members of the community.


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Springs of Amethysts- $ 100

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  • Signed individual copies of Piloting through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind (Julian Gresser/2013)
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  • Resilience Reflex Ball

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Sapphire Brooks of Laughing Hearts - $25K

  • All of Amethyst, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, and Jade awards plus:
  • 20 Free Gift Memberships in the Self-Care Multiplier Exchange
  • Development and delivery of specialized Behavioral Health and Resilience Program for communities of special concern or interest to you.

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  • All of the Amethyst, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Jade, and Sapphire awards plus:
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  • One full day (1) training program with materials for organization of choice to you.
  • Special prize award to designated cause of choice.

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Free Resilient Negotiator Webinar

Overview of the Resilient Negotiator Course and Webinar Series


  • To introduce The Resilient Negotiator system and show how it can be effectively applied to the unique challenge to global consciousness presented by 5G. For those participants who are new to this subject a powerful introduction is 5G Apocalpse–The Extinction Event
  • To offer a simple and enjoyable way to cultivate your personal or organization’s Integral Resilience to prevent burnout which is endemic in activist/social innovation enterprises.
  • To provide a common code of communication that can accelerate the scaling of the enterprise and enable continuous enhanced skill development and learning for millions of participants.
  • To present a Public Trust Manifesto that can be refined and deepened by contributions of members from around the world.

On Obstacles and Reverses: Turning Adversity to Advantage

Virtually everyone on this earth nourishes a passion or cause. Some burn fiercely on the surface; others are kept secretly in the heart; for some people life’s blows, buffets, and disappointments fall so heavily, they scarcely have time or energy to consider such questions. This course offers a practical methodology to help you articulate and carry out your passion or cause effectively and robustly. If you consider this path—the following Audio takes about 3 minutes—you are already on your way. You already have Resilience Advantage!

5G Video Webinar Series:

This is a series of 7 webinars designed to help all those who are feeling overwhelmed and losing hope of ever redirecting the 5G Juggernaut.  We aim toward a Higher Ground that is safer, more environmentally protective, and less intrusive of privacy and personal liberties.

The goals of this public education program are:

  • To offer a tested system of effective negotiation to address all challenges presented by 5G.
  • To clarify legal rights of individuals and communities in meeting the 5G Challenge.
  • To build bridges of collaboration between 5G advocates, scientists, physicians, and attorneys
  • To provide practical protocols to cultivate personal resilience and Self Care for all those who are exposed to EMF radiation.

A brief overview of the series.

Session # 1 introduces the core ideas of a systematic approach to negotiation and Need. It shows how you can gain a significant advantage by re-defining negotiation as “navigation” and learning to drop Assumptions and Expectations.

Session # 2—introduces the 5 Rings system which answers the question of what is your best next move and how instantly to spot and correct error.

Session # 3—explains in practical terms why Character is Destiny and how to Go Behind the Mask to anticipate the classic moves in The Shadow Game and to build synergy in life-affirming, resilient alliances

Session # 4—explores the Art of the Question and the fundamental life skill of Deep Listening

Session # 5—introduces best legal, business, and 4th sector practices of Strategic Alliances and Collaborative Innovation Networks

Session # 6—applies The Explorers Wheel, Discovery Engine, and other principles, methodologies, and tools of discovery/invention engineering and collaborative innovation to the 5G Network Challenge

Session # 7—provides a review of The Resilient Negotiator system; introduces a dialogue around unasked mind-heart expanding questions raised by 5G.

The 5G Juggernaut presents an unprecedented challenge to mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual health of individuals and communities. In combination with The Resilient Negotiator webinar series and online course, we also introduce a simple and enjoyable app to support all participants in this Great 5G Theater to realize what is always of transcendent importance: vitality, empowerment, balance, joy, compassion, and love.

Thank you in joining me on this journey in building your Integral Resilience in together turning the tide of the 5G Juggernaut.

The 5G Resilient Negotiator Course

Topic # 1—Overview/Basics

–– Case of the Swedish Builder: The Shadow Game and how it is played (in a nutshell).

–– What is your “System?”

–– Negotiation re-defined: Why a simple definition can shape your destiny?

–– Need and its Manifestations: Why to be wary of Need?

–– 5G as a “strategic” instrumentality: Positive/Negative Multiplier Effects

Topic # 2—Applications to 5G: The Five Rings™: What is the Best Move?

–– What do we REALLY want? 

–– What is our Mission? (*See Global Healing Manifesto)

–– Who are the key decision makers?

–– What is their “Pain”?

–– What is the Agenda?

–– The Power of No Assumptions/No Expectations (*Fundamental Assumptions About 5G)

–– The Power of ‘No’

Topic # 3—Big Heart Intelligence: 

–– Seeing the Big Picture

–– Deep Listening

–– Peripheral Vision

Topic # 4—Going Behind the Mask

–– Player Integrity Profiles

Topic # 5—Mastery

–– Continuous Enhanced Performance

–– Tools—Action Logs

–– Online Coaching in System

–– Protocols of Collaboration

Topic # 6—Q&A

Topic # 7—Next Steps

The Resilient Negotiator: Meeting the 5G Network Challenge

Basic training one-time price
+ 1 year membership in the Online Dojo.

Immediate Leverage: Challenging 10 Fundamental Disempowering 5G Assumptions

The Shadow Game is played by attacking the Mind with untested and unproven Assumptions. We immediately empower ourselves by challenging these assumptions and demanding proof. Shifting the burden of proof is a critical goal in the Global 5G Negotiation.

  • 5G is safe and benign because the governments and industry says it is.
  • 5G would never be deployed for crowd control—civilian control—even though that was part of its original purpose. It is impossible to manipulate large numbers of people remotely from satellites.
  • 5G cannot and would not be used to eradicate enemies, even though that was its original purpose on the battlefield.
  • There is no scientific proof that 60 GHz 5G is dangerous. The public should bear the burden of proving injuries from 5G because 5G is fundamentally safe and its importance should override vague concerns over public health.
  • 5G would never be used for surveillance of citizens or opponents since this is illegal.
  • Industry and governments should own and control all your personal data generated through 5G surveillance.
  • The public and local communities cannot have regulatory control over 5G since its development and deployment is of industrial importance and this strategic industry is none of their business.
  • The environmental impacts of 5G are no different than 1-4 G.
  • There is no need to provide for compensation for victims of 5G because the technology as developed and deployed is safe and benign. After all, how can anything that is invisible be dangerous?
  • Industry and governments have deep wisdom, along with the “free market,” about the highest and noblest uses of 5G technology.

Complete Resilient Negotiation System

Online Interactive “Living” Course

Includes complete training and practice materials. Unlike conventional “static” course offerings The Resilient Negotiator continuously learns, adapts, and updates to the challenges, interests, and suggestions of the participants.


Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorers Mind (2013)

Regular Webinars, Podcasts, and Blogs Featuring Leading 5G Experts in Science, Technology, Business, Innovation, Law, and Politics

BLOG POST: Negotiating 5G Speed Addiction with Resilience, Play, and Fun

During 1981-1983 Julian Gresser offered a unique course, Legal and Policy Issues of Strategic Technologies and Industries”that was made open for registration to Harvard and MIT faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. The course, which was very positively received, was presented as a dialogue, featuring leading scholars and experts from Harvard and MIT, on a wide range of technical fields, including semiconductors, computers, telecommunications, robotics, and biotechnology. 

We will adopt the same successful format in The Resilient 5G Negotiator Training Program. Our goal is to explore fairly and openly different perspectives on the core scientific, technological, business, legal, political, and ethical dimensions of 5G. These will be presented and debated by leading domain experts with the intent to reach a Higher Ground of public understanding that will enable the implementation of 5G, if it is to proceed, to confer the highest and noblest benefits for humanity.

5G Learning Network

Collaborative Learning

The Integral Resilience Negotiation System introduces a new paradigm of collaborative learning and innovation.

Platform Integration

Secure, hosted private tenancy applications, group management, and platform integration.

Learning Action Networks

Because every element of The Resilient Negotiator system builds integral resilience, small victories or recoveries in specific instances, encoded by each move, can be rapidly communicated to enhance the overall health, wellness, and adaptive capacity of your entire organization or action networks.


Learning Collaborative

Membership in the Learning Collaborative

The keys to Continuous Enhanced Performance (kaizen) in The Art of Resilient Negotiation are a proven system and dedicated practice, delivering measurable outcomes. The Learning Collaborative is designed to accomplish this fundamental objective of kaizen by empowering individual negotiators, organizations, and 5G action networks.


An expanding database of practical applications of the Resilient Negotiator platform to the 5G Challenges

5 Minutes to Resilience

Burnout is formidable challenge for 5G innovators and negotiators.  In this bi-weekly series you can restore and replenish your life force and resilience, which fuel an effective antidote for burnout. You can track and measure your progress with an Integral Resilience Questionnaire.

Online Q&A

Precise online Q&A for specific “moves” encoded in the Resilient Negotiator system.

My Negotiation Journal

Enables players to create their own Journal tracking performance and plays in system.

Ringside Seat

Weekly analysis of prominent 5G negotiations in the news with expert commentaries.

Green GProducts, Services, and Infrastructure

BHT is developing a portfolio of Green G™ certified educational products and services in collaboration with several independent standard setting agencies and the founders of the recent 5G Summit—Crisis and Accountability. Green G includes products, best practices, and infrastructure that are safe and healthy, promote sustainable living, resource conservation, and energy efficiency.

The Resilient Negotiator: Meeting the 5G Network Challenge

Basic training one-time price
+ 1 year membership in the Online Dojo.


Critical Questions

What are 5 Negotiation Challenges that if met will give you an immediate advantage?

The 5 Rings: How can you instantly tell in any negotiation where you are, where you should be, what errors you or your team may have committed, how instantly to correct them, and what is the next best move?

Why is character the critical success factor in all negotiations, and how might it even possible to change character?

What is the Art of the Question and how can you apply it practically in every business negotiation or other spheres of action in your life?

The Explorers Wheel: How can you develop cognitive power and the capacity for “inter-tidal thinking”, the innovator’s gold?

How can you effectively identify the Shadow Players (those who consciously or unconsciously grasp for wealth, power, notoriety, or revenge as a primary driving force) and how practically and wisely to deal with them?

5G Public Trust Manifesto

The 5G Public Trust Manifesto is a “living” document that will emerge over time from the creative contributions of participants in the Collaborating Networks. The following is an outline of the first draft. Contributions will be curated and incorporated with credit to the contributor under Creative Commons protocols.

What is your system for Going Behind the Mask, to anticipate challenges months in advance and to find the sweet spot for building successful and sustainable strategic alliances?

Why is Paying Forward Your Wins the secret to reducing Need?

How to build Sustainable Trust, the linchpin for all successful collaborative relationships?

How can you build Integral Resilience and Big Heart Intelligence, a fountainhead for good health, vitality, creativity, happiness, and longevity by simply honing your skills as a Resilient Negotiator?

Julian Gresser

Career Highlights as a Professional Negotiator

Julian Gresser is an international attorney, social entrepreneur, professional negotiator, inventor, and recognized expert on Japan. As a negotiator his most dramatic success involved helping a San Francisco-based trading company transform its $8 million after-tax branch into a $1 billion Japanese company in seven years. From 1976-1983 he was twice Visiting Mitsubishi Professor at the Harvard Law School and also taught courses as a Visiting Professor at MIT on the legal issues of strategic industries.

He has been a senior adviser to the U.S. State Department during the Carter Administration (where he established the Japan Industrial Policy Group), The World Bank, The Prime Minister’s Office of Japan, The People’s Republic of China, and the European Commission (where he trained the Commission’s Japanese negotiating teams). He is the author of eight books in English and Japanese, including most recently two online “living” books on Big Heart Intelligence and Integral Resilience.

Julian Gresser– Precedents and Precursors in Developing “The Resilient Negotiator”

Consulting, In-house Training Engagements, and Participants in Workshops


“The emphasis throughout Piloting Through Chaos is on negotiation, but the analysis and wisdom go well beyond that now available in the literature. This volume is a breakthrough in the use of words, thought processes and managing behavior responsibly.”

– Oliver Oldman, Learned Hand Professor (Emeritus), Harvard Law School

“Julian Gresser assesses some of the fundamental aspects of human behavior. Any negotiator, however experienced, will find new insights in this book.”

– Peter Price, Honorary Member of the European Parliament

“One portfolio company had been mired in negotiations with a foreign company for over a year. In one day’s training, they put together a new plan and team, and three months later closed an OEM agreement worth millions.”

Dr. Chuck K. Chan, General Partner, Alpine Technology Ventures

“IPOs in China and Japan, inventions in clean energy, decoding Japanese negotiation strategies, incubators for creativity and innovation, the role of beauty in discovery and bringing ideas to market—Julian Gresser is a Renaissance man with an amazing array of achievements and gifts.”

– John Tarrant, Zen master, author, Bring Me the Rhinoceros and other works

“Gresser is an international attorney, but also a 21st Century Renaissance Man, with a lifetime of experience in business, music, martial arts, invention, and meditation.”

Kenneth Cohen, author of The Way of Qigong and Honoring the Medicine

“Julian Gresser’s work shows with insight, style and imagination how integrity, that most fundamental of human virtues, continues to be vital to success, and even survival, in the ongoing negotiation of life in our rapidly changing world.  The added value in Piloting Through Chaos is the author’s suggestions on how integrity can be cultivated by conscious thought and action, and on how core integrity can affect outcomes in a variety of contexts.”

Peter L. Murray, Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

“The market is flooded with books and tapes about negotiating, but no one, until now, offers insight into the underlying essence of our interpersonal abilities. This fresh approach, if followed, can be transforming for us as individuals, and as a nation.”

– Claudine Schneider, Former U.S. Congresswoman

“Julian is 100% invested in teaching; an active listener; dedicated to ensuring that the class learns; he is high in energy and empathetic. What would my comments be to future participants? Exciting; out-of-the-box; has life application; fundamental to all relationships.”

– Bobbie Busha, Manager, BellSouth

“We need a cultural revolution as transformative as were the scientific and industrial revolutions. If human culture is to survive without unacceptable impacts on the planetary environment, we must live differently as a culture. This means that the arts and humanities are on the front lines of collaborating with scientists and engineers, we need a ‘second renaissance.’ Julian Gresser, in the second edition of “Piloting through Chaos,” presents a sharply focused methodology for attacking some of the urgent problems and seizing the new opportunities.”

Roger Malina, Editor, Leonardo

“Julian Gresser is one of those rarest of teachers. He embodies the wisdom that he shares. His pioneering work in negotiation is a quantum leap in human understanding and will move people to their highest level of truth and accomplishment. The value is incalculable, not only to individuals, but to our society.”

– Michael Fitzgerald, Former Director, Washington State Department of Trade & Economic Development

“There is widespread agreement that leadership at any level and in any area requires integrity in the person, the practice, and the profession. It is also clear that this is no easy, simple task, nor can it remain at the mercy of luck, sentimental or institutional formation. Julian Gresser – lawyer, scholar, martial artist, and street-smart practitioner – now makes available the teaching and achievement of integrity in its integral form. As a foundation president, former commissioner, ambassador, and university president, I have had occasion to enlist Julian’s remarkable system and energies. He/it is a godsend for our troubled times and leaders.”

– Dr. Glen A. Olds, U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO

The Resilient Negotiator: Meeting the 5G Network Challenge

Basic training one-time price
+ 1 year membership in the Online Dojo.

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