Help make the Santa Barbara Foundation Behavioral Health and Resilience Educational Series More Personalized, Interactive, and Intelligent, and Directly Applicable to the Communities of Your Greatest Concern.

An App to Fill the Gap!

For Benefactors and Sponsors of the Santa Barbara Behavioral Health Educational Series

Paying Forward Charter Sponsor Packages

  • Our Initial Donation Goal for This Project is $50,000.

Use of Funds:

  • Refining the present program
  • Building, testing, and marketing a special “App to Fill the Gap”
  • Developing other special educational programs in this Behavioral Health Series.
  • Making these programs freely available to economically disadvantaged, minority, and vulnerable members of the community.


  • Please make your tax-deductible contribution payable directly to “Resilient Santa Barbara Fund” at the Santa Barbara Foundation
  • For more please click the FUND button on the top right of your screen.

Springs of Amethysts- $ 100

  • Public Recognition as a Community Health Charter Sponsor
  • Signed individual copies of Piloting through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind (Julian Gresser/2013)
  • Free gift membership in the Self-Care Multiplier Exchange

Rivulets of Moonstones - $500

  • Amethysts awards plus:
  • 5 Free Gift Memberships in the Self-Care Multiplier Exchange
  • Resilience Reflex Ball

Sparkles of Opal - $1K

  • All of Amethyst and Moonstone awards plus:
  • Public lecture in your honor
  • 10 Free Gift Memberships in the Self-Care Multiplier Exchange

Fountains of Pearls - $5K

  • All of Amethyst, Moonstone, and Opal awards plus:
  • ½ workshop/ training/consultation with any organization or company of your choice in Santa Barbara
  • 15 Free Gift Memberships in the Self-Care Multiplier Exchange

Jade Eddies - $10K

  • Amethysts, Moonstone, Opal, and Pearl awards, plus:
  • Two ½ workshop/training/consultation with any organization or company of your choice in Santa Barbara
  • 20 Free Gift Memberships in the Self-Care Multiplier Exchange

Sapphire Brooks of Laughing Hearts - $25K

  • All of Amethyst, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, and Jade awards plus:
  • 20 Free Gift Memberships in the Self-Care Multiplier Exchange
  • Development and delivery of specialized Behavioral Health and Resilience Program for communities of special concern or interest to you.

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Ruby Streams of Laughing Hearts - $35K

  • All of the Amethyst, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Jade, and Sapphire awards plus:
  • 10 hours of dedicated free consulting time to community causes of highest priority to sponsor
  • One full day (1) training program with materials for organization of choice to you.
  • Special prize award to designated cause of choice.

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Diamond Rivers of Laughing Hearts - $50K

  • All of Amethyst, Moonstone, Opal, Sapphire, Ruby awards plus:
  • Two full day (1) training programs with materials for organizations of your choice.
  • Matching grants to designated organizations of choice any time within the next three years.

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Integral Resilience for Busy People

Integral Resilience is the Rosetta Stone for Behavioral Change underlying Robust Health, Life Force, Imagination, Creativity, and Longevity.

What if it can be cultivated in 5 minutes of practice a few times each week?

Everyone these days, it seems, is overly busy. Some even call it a malady, because “busy-ness” can be closely linked with overload, fatigue, burnout, and depression.

5M2R is designed with busy people in mind. It accepts busy-ness as a way of living, but offers a path to having better balance.

What if you can continue to be busy – if you like being busy – but there is a way not to sacrifice what is really precious in life – what matters most? We have designed 5M2R to dovetail effortlessly with your busy schedule.

We have designed 5M2R to fit into your busy schedule!


You can spread exploring the 5M2R modules over many weeks and months. Each 52MR practice takes about five minutes – to listen to the audios, ponder the material, explore the questions and prepare for action.


Many of us want help with specific pressing resilience issues. 5M2R will recommend the most effective and responsive modules on-demand. Learning and developing personal resilience is a very personal journey.


5M2R follows a natural sequence to learn Integral Resilience, where each module builds upon the ones before.


Surprisingly, practicing 5M2R augments time. Small spaces open and create opportunities; our priorities shift, and we can accomplish far more with less effort.

A Core Life Competency


Building Integral Resilience offers powerful leverage for busy people in another way: it is a foundational skill that underlies and empowers all other positive behaviors.


There is increasing scientific evidence that life-affirming “positive” behaviors have beneficial effects on a large spectrum of human challenges, including recovering from trauma, managing chronic illnesses, building adaptive vitality, and even longevity. Integral resilience is a foundation for addressing all of these life challenges.


We call this the “Resilient Multiplier Effect.” In business terms, making a modest investment of your time in cultivating Integral Resilience can yield benefit streams lasting a lifetime.

of 5 Minutes to Resilience


Resilience can be maintained, even enhanced, well into advanced age – a NASA’s core finding.


Fortifies behavioral changes that support best medical protocols for a wide spectrum of health challenges, including health literacy, obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, hypertension, and pain management.


Provides an effective and measurable antidote to burnout, loneliness, and depression.


Enables you to multiply knowledge and resilience through Exploration, Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation


Create your own luck by Paying Forward the benefits you receive to others in your community.


Measurably increases your Integral Resilience Quotient (IRQ) and provides practical ways to apply this core life competency beneficially and practically in your personal and professional life.

of 5M2R Modules

Full Spectrum Resilience Building – building resilience in every aspect of life

Each 5M2R Module includes a focused short power message, often with audio, identifies the Goal, the Action(s), the Resilience Advantage that can be gleaned from engaging the module, and Reference links.

Short, fast acting resilience practices – for your most difficult challenges

Continuous coaching tips, stimulating ideas, and links.

An integral and “holographic” system connecting Mind/Brain—Heart—and Hand

Practically applies “Intertidal Thinking”—a powerful means to transcend narrow silos of professional specialization

Short Meditations or Contemplations curated from the world’s wisdom traditions

Practice References to further explore the topic of building resilience

Complete Member Privacy of your own personalized data, so your app usage remains secret to yourself

Access to the Integral Resilience Online Codex documenting how resilience is essential in every professional discipline and important concern in life

Mobile ready – can run on any device

What are the 5M2R Modules?

Introduces Big Heart Intelligence as a practical method to cultivate and to apply the subtle energy of Qi and Love for personal, family, organizational, and community health, vitality, and resilience.

Transcends mindfulness training by balancing inner cultivation with kindness and compassion in the act of Paying Forward

Offers a novel way to cultivate stamina, adaptability, flexibility. vitality, wisdom, balance, flow, and love—values that societies throughout history have held most precious; but have lacked a practical means to account for and therefore have treated as non-economic in nature.

Connects Integral Resilience to an expanding Collaborative Integral Resilience Codex of applications in many fields and disciplines.

The Integral Resilience Quotient (IRQ) – offering a practical and quantifiable way to measure enhanced resilience for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Tracking, Evaluation, and Delivering Continuous Enhanced Performance

IRQ (Integral Resilience Quotient) Baseline and Progress Tracking Questionnaire

Use 5M2R daily, every few days, or as the need arises

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Analytics for Resilience – Resource Directory

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