SAFE G: Empowering Resilient Communities

Mission. To empower local communities to design immediate and effective SAFE G solutions that implement optical fiber wired to the home and office. Local taxpayers and ratepayers are entitled to this alternative to wireless, because they have already paid for it. Please see: Irregulators v. FCC.

5G/AI/Internet of Things Juggernaut presents an imminent threat. The harms to our community’s physical and mental health, the local environment, violations of citizen’s rights to due process, property, and personal privacy are foreseeable and preventable. The threat is especially dangerous to our children, elderly people, those with special sensitivities, disabled persons with chronic illnesses, caregivers, and our economically disadvantaged and minority communities that have no escape in their homes or workplaces.

Remedy: Community Empowerment: An effective remedy begins with widespread education and training in a proven system of wise leadership, community organization, team building, and negotiation. With this purpose we have created a 5G Dojo to support local communities around the world that are facing similar challenges. The key is to share negotiation successes and practical experience, so these lessons can be immediately deployed within the network. Equally essential is to fortify community-wide resilience rapidly and effectively. (See: 5 Minutes toResilience)

Our Funding Goal: $ 100,000

Donations: Please make your check or money order payable to National Institute for Science, Law, and Public Policy, designated for "SAFE G/Community Empowerment Initiative". You can contribute in two ways.

o   Simple donation with full tax deduction.

o   Partial tax deduction (at cost) with benefits. Please see benefit levels below.

Sponsors: Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns and customized donation options.

Springs of Amethysts - $100

  • Public Recognition as a Community Health Charter Sponsor
  • Signed copy of Julian Gresser, Piloting through Chaos—Wise Leadership/Effective Negotiation for the 21st Century (1995)
  • Free gift of the 5 Minutes to Resilience web app

Rivulets of Moonstones - $500

  • All of the above awards plus:
  • 5 Free Copies of 5 Minutes to Resilience App
  • 5 Free Copies of My Personal Resilience Journey/The Resilient Negotiator/Realizing Your Passion/Advancing Your Cause online courses

Sparkles of Opal - $1K

  • All of the above awards plus:
  • Public Lecture in Your Honor
  • 10 Free Copies of 5 Minutes to Resilience App
  • 10 Free Copies of My Personal Resilience Journey/The Resilient Negotiator/Realizing Your Passion/Advancing Your Cause online courses

Fountains of Pearls - $5K

  • All of the above awards plus:
  • ½ day workshop training and consultation with any organization or company

Jade Eddies - $10K

  • All of the above awards (except memberships) plus:
  • Two ½ day workshop, training and consultation with any organization or company of your choice
  • 20 Free Copies of 5 Minutes to Resilience App
  • 20 Free Copies of My Personal Resilience Journey/The Resilient Negotiator/Realizing Your Passion/Advancing Your Cause online courses

Sapphire Brooks of Laughing Hearts - $25K

  • All of the above awards plus:
  • 1 day of professional consultation and meetings

Ruby Streams of Laughing Hearts - $35K

  • All of the above awards (except memberships) plus:
  • One full day training program with materials for organization of choice to you.
  • 50 Free Copies of 5 Minutes to Resilience App
  • 50 Free Copies of My Personal Resilience Journey/The Resilient Negotiator/Realizing Your Passion/Advancing Your Cause online courses

Emerald Rivers of Laughing Hearts - $50K

  • All of the above awards plus:
  • Two full day training programs with materials for organizations of your choice
  • 100 Free Copies of 5 Minutes to Resilience App
  • 100 Free Copies of My Personal Resilience Journey/The Resilient Negotiator/Realizing Your Passion/Advancing Your Cause online courses

Diamond Rivers of Laughing Hearts - $100K

  • All of the above awards plus:
  • Four full day training programs with materials for organizations of your choice.
  • 200 Free Copies of 5 Minutes to Resilience App
  • 200 Free Copies of My Personal Resilience Journey/The Resilient Negotiator/Realizing Your Passion/Advancing Your Cause online courses

California’s Proposed Self-Care Rule: Should Behavioral Health Be an Ethical Obligation for Attorneys?

The 2017 Report of the ABA’s National Commission on Lawyer Well-Being presents practical recommendations for positive change based on grim statistics: in one study 35 per cent of lawyers were problem drinkers, and 28 per cent were struggling with some level of depression, anxiety, and stress. Forty-two per cent of law students interviewed required assistance for poor mental health, while burnout and suicide rates among lawyers are far higher than many other professions. (Attorneys ranked fourth among the professions) And the present health crisis may be even worse than the ABA Commission imagines. Recent medical studies confirm the close correlation of drinking and substance abuse with Diabetes 2 & 3 and cardiovascular disease, and a startling co-morbidity of these two illnesses with Alzheimer’s.

The proposed Self-Care Rule for the California Code of Professional Responsibility affirms the close connection of self-care and behavioral health with decisions attorneys regularly make affecting their performance with clients, management of associates and employees, duties as officers of the courts, and advocates for social justice. The proposed Rule amends present sections 1.1-1.3 and 5.1-5.3. In abbreviated form the key sections are:

1.1 (a) Competence.  Lawyers shall have an affirmative obligation of self-care to enhance continuously their mental, physical, emotional health, wellness, and wellbeing in performing their professional, fiduciary, and official responsibilities with integrity.

Rule 1.3 (b)—New Rule 1.3 “Reasonable diligence.” This duty of self-care shall include the affirmative obligation to take actions that continuously enhance physical, psychological, emotional health, resilience, and happiness in ways that support a lawyer’s commitment, competence, and dedication to the interests of clients and society.

Rule 5.1-5.3 (b) The above Rule shall apply to the responsibility of attorneys who are supervising other attorneys and staff to refrain from any actions or behaviors that will significantly impair the health and wellbeing of those in subordinate capacities or impair their good judgment or competence in carrying out their professional services to clients and society.

Rule 5.1-5.3 (b) Law firms and other legal organizations shall have an affirmative responsibility to take actions, including investing in programs that contribute to the happiness, health, wellness, vitality, and resilience of their employees.

The Good News: Happiness and Resilience as Keys to Compliance

What if becoming happier and more resilient are preconditions for compliance with the new Self-Care Rule? There is substantial scientific evidence that every major health condition noted above involves a serious impairment of the body’s Integral Resilience? In other words, our body loses its capacity to adapt and to transform stress and adversity into a more vital homeostasis. But there is good news. The converse also appears true: fortifying our Integral Resilience appears to ameliorate the above conditions and build systemic immunity. And even more startling, although perhaps counter-intuitive, is the proposition that vital, healthy, productive, caring, and happy lawyers and their law firms can be more productive, prosperous, and, yes, profitable. This finding, for which there are numerous examples, challenges the 19th and 20th century world view still prevalent in the profession, and traditionally inculcated by leading law schools, that lawyers must learn to become combative gladiators, trained to do battle in a largely harsh, heartless, cut-throat, and manipulative world. What if learning to relax and to flow, just as in high level martial arts, are keys to resilience and enhanced performance?

The Resilient Negotiator. The critical challenge then is implementation. How to cultivate Integral Resilience? In our research we have discovered that Integral Resilience is a foundation for a wide spectrum of positive behavioral changes that are closely allied with a rebalancing of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is increasingly recognized as the enabling pre-condition of our body’s self-healing powers. And moreover, these behaviors are fundamental to learning and fine-tuning self-management skills for dealing with a broad range of physical maladies, such as the very ones noted above that are challenging attorneys today.

We have also discovered that building Integral Resilience holds the key to measurable enhanced performance in negotiation. In our system we define “negotiation” as “navigation”, as in negotiating a turbulent river or a treacherous mountain ravine. This interpretation views every situation, challenge, and encounter as a “gate” for the practice and cultivation of the art of negotiation; while at the same time the same process builds heightened vitality, life force, joy, balance, compassion, and flow, which are the essential attributes of Integral Resilience. This is a dynamic reciprocity. No longer is the goal of a negotiation solely to reach a fixed and final result, i.e. an agreement (a “yes”), because many business transactions, reflecting life itself, are continuously in flux. How to learn to surf? Resilient Negotiation turns the most basic and practical of a lawyers’ tools and pre-occupations, negotiating, into an opportunity for self-discovery, knowledge, play, and rejuvenation.

Bar Associations as Healing Communities. Bar associations are generally perceived as educational, regulatory, disciplinary, and social organizations. But nothing is stopping them also from fostering the health, wellness, and healing of their members. The ABA’s National Commission Report is a giant’s step forward and establishes a national standard. A Self-Care Rule advances this same spirit, viewing the process less as a schoolmaster obligation and far more as a lighthouse on the journey.

Julian Gresser is an international attorney, author, social entrepreneur, and Japan specialist who was twice Visiting Mitsubishi Professor at the Harvard Law School (1976-77, 1979). His proposed MCLE course (webinar/self-study) has just been approved for 6 hours of credit, including ½ hour legal ethics, and ½ hour substance abuse. The Resilient Negotiator—The Art of Human-centered Lawyering. A first webinar is planned for June/July 2019. See announcement on

Preparing to Create Your Own Luck

How important is Heart in community affairs, science, technology, business, law, the arts, and even—no, wait! we urge especially today–in contemporary politics? The workshop on March 25 sponsored by the Santa Barbara Center on Lifelong Learning introduces a new field of scientific and other inquiry—Laughing Heart or Big Heart Intelligence. It will feature one of ten essential moves to experience, explore, and apply Laughing Heart. It is called “Creating Your Own Luck” (Move # 5).

The ½ day workshop will begin with a brief introduction to some of the modern tributaries to Laughing Heart in neuroscience, neuro-cardiology, positive psychology, Jungian psychology, and also its roots in East Asian and indigenous healing traditions and martial arts. Since prehistory around their supper fires our ancestors wondered about the extraordinary capabilities of the heart. Our goal here is to draw upon this ancient wisdom and experience in creating a framework for modern exploration and discovery that is easily understood and can be enjoyably practiced by anyone, anywhere in meeting the exigencies of daily life.

“Creating Your Own Luck” draws upon a fertile corpus of writing that explores Synchronicity, a subject that fascinates millions. Is Synchronicity “mere” chance, or is something more interesting going on? Are we mortals mere playthings of the gods, or do we have surprisingly greater dominion over our fortunes?

We have something new to add to this inquiry. It is a simple method to attract, follow, and measure, and thereby to influence this “a-causal” process. Creating Your Own Luck applies not only to good events but also to what appear negative ones; and, as we suggest, we can work creatively with the darker colors and wave forms in our lives and learn to harvest their potential. The secret—herein freely revealed—is not to hold on to the fruits of our labors and other good that comes our way. Rather hasten to pay this bounty forward, as Emerson wrote “line for line, cent for cent for cent, deed for deed.” In this way you create circles of virtuosity that enhance your own powers. There are striking parallels between frontier observations in quantum physics and Laughing Heart that we will explore in the program and in our next blog.

The Laughing Heart Initiative may be among the first of its kind to seek and apply these principles on the scale of an entire community. We call this “Celebrating Laughing Heart Advantage” (Move # 10), and we invite you by this simple workshop to begin a community wide narrative expressed in a new genre of “emergent art”. Santa Barbara is the first pilot city to light the flame of Laughing Heart for communities around the world.


Julian Gresser Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorers Mind (2013)

G. Jung, Synchroncity—An Acausal Connecting Principle

Ralph Waldo Emerson, On Compensation (1841)

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